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Ventilators bring fresh air into your home without losing heating or cooling energy. Their unique energy exchange system transfers the heating or cooling energy from the stale air being exhausted from your home to the fresh air the ventilator brings into your home.

If your family suffers from allergies, ventilators are a much better alternative for introducing fresh air into your home versus opening your windows. They also do a great job of reducing cooking and pet odors, smoke, and other pollutants out of your home.

Why Ventilate?

It might be hard to believe, but when compared side by side, indoor air is often 2-5 times more contaminated than the air outside. The air inside your home can quickly become stagnant or stale, as it holds onto moisture, contaminants, odors, and more. The more airtight your home is, the faster these contaminants can accumulate, as they recirculate through your heating and cooling systems. This is especially true if your home utilizes ductwork to deliver the conditioned air you need throughout the year.

High numbers of contaminants in your breathing air can irritate and exacerbate many common respiratory issues, including asthma and seasonal allergies. Ventilating that stale air back outside, in combination with a regularly changed air filter, will keep your air clean so you can breathe easy.

Is your home ready for some fresh air?

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High-Quality Ventilation Installation

At Pro Climate we take pride in designing and installing effective ventilation solutions for Toronto and GTA homeowners. We install the best available equipment to ensure proper ventilation and indoor air quality. Our goal is to reduce the concentration of harmful contaminants and ensure that your home receives a continuous supply of fresh air.

If you are looking for ventilation services for your home here in Ontario, make the call to Pro Climate. We can help you with all your heating and air conditioning needs while keeping proper ventilation and your indoor air quality at the forefront.

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