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Tankless Water Heater Installations & Replacements

Tankless water heaters are compact water heating units that provide hot water as it is needed. They do not store and keep hot 40-, 50-, 75- gallons of hot water like traditional tank-type water heaters. Instead, when a hot water tap is turned on, a sensor detects the water flow and activates the tankless heater instantly heating the water. You’ll have unlimited hot water and the ability to run multiple showers whenever you need it.

Over time a tankless water heater will rack up savings thanks to far superior energy efficiency. Fueled by natural gas or petroleum tankless water heaters reduce your energy consumption by 20% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Tankless water heaters have significantly longer lifespans than tank water heaters, lasting almost twice as long in some cases. The systems are less susceptible to pinhole leaks and corrosion because they do not store water. After a certain age repairing tank water heaters becomes as costly as replacing the entire unit. Tankless systems are engineered with parts that can be easily replaced or repaired. Tankless water heaters will typically last more than 20 years, compared with 8-12 years for traditional tank type heaters.

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Top 10 Reasons to Go Tankless

Don't wait until you have major problems with your boiler before you call an HVAC expert to repair it. Regular maintenance helps keep your system running efficiently, safely, and reliably. Don’t wait for a breakdown to do a large repair, prevent it from ever happening with our help!

Our annual boiler maintenance includes the following:

  1. Wall-hung, compact, ultra-efficient tankless systems provide endless hot water to multiple fixtures for 20+ years.
  2. Tankless water heaters are super energy efficient with UEI efficiencies up to 0.96 saving hundreds of dollars annually.
  3. Hundreds of dollars in rebates are available the instant the unit is installed.
  4. Cold groundwater temperatures and high elevation are challenges easily overcome by tankless systems. Consult with and hire an expert who understands how to properly size and install tankless units in Ontario’s climate.
  5. 15-year warranties are available for residential applications.
  6. Integrated recirculation systems provide instant hot water at the fixture.
  7. Tankless systems do not store water, preventing catastrophic floods and stand-by heat loss.
  8. Engineered for a long life, tankless systems will perform reliably 2-3 times as long as their tank type counterparts.
  9. Wi-Fi compatible and smart home integration. Tankless units with digital connectivity can control temperature, recirculation, and monitor water or energy usage via phone app.
  10. Are you curious to know if a tankless water heater is the right option for your family and your home?

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