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Residential New Construction HVAC Installation

The first stage in the implementation of the custom home system is the discussion of the concept with our engineers. The type of air conditioning system (heating, ducts, indoor and outdoor system) is discussed. If the choice has stopped on the channel system, it is decided what kind of tracing of air ducts will be installed, and which devices will be used. In addition, the arrangement of ventilators is being discussed, due to which microclimate in the house will be controlled.

Systems of this type are designed to create and maintain comfortable climatic conditions in residential and non-residential premises. Each type of system affects a number of parameters and can be combined with other types for complex use.

Air conditioning

Most often, in houses channel air conditioning systems are implemented. If the ceiling space in the house has enough place for the installation of a channel-type air conditioning system, it is better to use this option. This is due to quiet operation, high efficiency in terms of air distribution since the diffusers are installed at distant points above the windows, while creating a cold curtain, and heat does not enter the room.


Properly installed ventilation and air conditioning system is a guarantee of good health and working efficiency of people inside the house, the long-term safety of goods in sales halls and warehouses, a guarantee of protection against overheating of industrial equipment, home appliances, computers, and servers.

Specialists in Pro Climate Inc. are installing ventilation and air conditioning in residential, commercial, industrial, warehouse, office premises, as well as underground parking lots and other infrastructure facilities where it is necessary to maintain optimal temperature, humidity and ensure the flow of fresh air.


We offer an autonomous system that allows the owner to regulate the heating temperature in each room, economical use of energy carriers, selection of the most suitable options for heating devices and heat sources. Electric heating systems have a lot of undeniable advantages. All installations work absolutely noiselessly since there is no fan and circulation pump in the system. It is very important to think over the project of heating at the stage of building a house, since in the future the installation of equipment in a ready-made home may lead to the need for alterations, and, as a result, to additional costs.

In-floor heating system

Increasingly, underfloor heating covers all floors in the apartment and house. When the temperature of the floor heating system is correctly set, a temperature of 24° C is created at the foot level, and 20°C at the head level. This is the most comfortable temperature climate in the room for a person.

The absence of heating radiators gives freedom in the implementation of any projects for redevelopment and design of premises. An underfloor heating system hidden from access creates a safe space even for small children. The floor maintains the set temperature for a long period of time even when the heating system is completely turned off. 

Hydronic snow melt system

The winter period inevitably brings problems in terms of cleaning and removing snow, ice and mud. By installing a snow melting system, you can save yourself from these worries and get significant savings. You can use the snowmelt system to heat open areas and paths of your site, including the driveway to the garage and porch. This will save you from the need to clean it from snow and ice in the cold season and will guarantee your safety and convenience. You don't need to be stuck in the snow and put yourself at risk of slipping. 

Putting the car in the garage or leaving it near the house in winter will also be much easier. The snow melt system also protects the surface from damage, saving on the repair of the road surface. Minimizing chemical and mechanical effects on the road will significantly extend its service life. The operating costs for the outdoor heating system are 3-4 times lower than the corresponding costs for the heating system using electric cables!


In fact, a boiler is a tank with a built-in heating element that uses electricity to heat water to a set temperature. The efficiency coefficient of modern boilers is about 96%. The device not only warms the water to the desired temperature, but also retains this temperature, like a thermos, but with the possibility of further heating. It turns out that the heated, but not used water, remains warm for a long time. And you save money since reheating is not necessary.

Air humidifiers

The system is designed to increase the humidity of the air mass in a room or a certain space. Proper installation of air humidification systems should ensure:

  • energy consumption is not higher than the design framework;
  • coverage of the full volume of the room, without blind spots;
  • the declared efficiency of work;
  • compliance with the norms and rules of installation and operation.

Air cleaning system

The air cleaning system is designed for complex filtration of indoor air and the formation of a healthy microclimate. The system significantly reduces the number of pathogens in the air, which significantly reduces the likelihood of infection. The air cleaner is most effectively paired with a ventilation system. That is why it is important to consider the installation on a home-building stage. Thus, the system helps to clean the fresh supply and available air in the room from negative elements: tobacco smoke, car exhaust, dust and pollen, Phenols, benzenes, unpleasant odors, fur, etc.

We know exactly how important it is to comply not only with air quality standards but also with the requirements for noise insulation and the appearance of all the systems in a house. That is why Pro Climate Inc. concentrates all the efforts on developing effective and reliable solutions in the field of ventilation and heating of residential buildings.

Our team of HVAC specialists in Pro Climate Inc. in the Greater Toronto Area is always ready to help you with the choice, installation, and maintenance of all the systems above and more! This system offers you more precise temperature control and comfortable spaces in each area of your home. Contact us today to inquire about the cost home solution in the Greater Toronto Area, and surrounding regions.

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