Are Heat Pumps Really Eco-Friendly?
Heat pumps are an eco-friendly way to heat your home and one of the most fuel-efficient appliances. They work by drawing heat from a colder place, like outside air or groundwater, and bringing it indoors. They can also be reversed to extract heat from a warmer space like the inside of your home and transfer it to the outside air. They are commonly used in Toronto, Canada, Europe, and Japan. Using... Read more
Are Rooftop Units The Good Choice For Your Business?
Rooftops are the ledges that eave over a building's roof that are accessible from the outside. They provide a place for employees and guests to relax and enjoy views of the surrounding area before going back inside. They often have lovely ideas, but they are also prime locations for vandalism and theft. When installing equipment on your roof, you will have to factor in extra space under your roof... Read more
What Size Central Air Conditioner Should I Pick?
When buying a new central air conditioner, choosing the right size unit is important. You don't want to choose something too small and find yourself sweating in the summer heat, or pick something too big and pay more than you need to. Understanding how to select the perfect size unit for your home will save you time and money and keep you cool all summer long.What is a Central Air Conditioner?A... Read more
7 Maintenance Tips For Fan Coils
Fan coils are an essential part of many heating and cooling systems. If they are not properly maintained, they can become inefficient and break down completely.Fan coils in Toronto are devices that help to circulate air in a space. They offer heating and ventilation services and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Fan coils consist of a fan and a coil of tubing. The fan helps to move air through the... Read more
Why Having A Ventilator Is Good For Your Health?
Ventilation helps remove indoor pollutants, cooking odors, smoke, and moisture from homes. Structural ventilation regulates heat levels in the attic, manages dampness in the basement and crawlspace, and prevents wetness from accessing uninsulated walls. It is also essential to have uninterrupted airflow as blocked airflow can damage your health and home. One reason ventilation is paramount is... Read more
Fan Coils vs. Heat Pumps: What Is The Difference?
Fan coil and heat pump units can heat, cool, and maintain the humidity in your home, unlike furnaces and air conditioners. You can use them alone or together with your air conditioner or furnace. However, they have some differences you should know about before choosing the best. What Are Fan Coils?Fan coils are units made up of a fan and a heating or cooling coil. They don’t require... Read more
Why Should I Get A Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump? 
What is a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump?A ductless mini split heat pump is a highly efficient and multi-function system that combines an air conditioner and heating unit in one compact module to make heating and cooling in Toronto even more effective. How Does it Work?A ductless mini-split heat pump works by moving outside air into or out of the home to provide heating and cooling comfort.... Read more
Spring Cleaning: Humidifiers 
Spring is a great time to get your home fresh and clean. It's a great time to start with all new clothes, sheets, and kitchenware. A clean home helps you focus on the other things in your life.What are Humidifiers?Humidifiers are devices that increase moisture levels in the air. They usually sit on a surface like a nightstand or a desk and release water vapor into the air. In general, they're... Read more
What Is The Difference Between Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners?
The quality of air in your home is important. You breathe it every day, so you want to make sure that the air is clean, and that's where air purifiers and air cleaners come in. But what's the difference between them? How do they work? And which one should you get for your home? In this blog post, we will answer all of those questions and more. We'll explain the benefits of having an air purifier... Read more

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