What is a Zoned AC System?

A zoned air conditioning system, or zoned AC system, is cooling system that controls and directs air to particular home areas. The main goal of a zoned AC system is to control temperature in the home by creating different zones for comfort and efficiency. Homeowner occupants who have different temperature preferences will have great results with a zoned AC system. The systems enable the different needs of the occupants to be met while also reducing energy savings. Because of this type of system, these homes can accommodate windows that are large or on the top floor, which results in warmer homes. Off-season rooms, which feel stuffy and under-utilized, can also benefit from a zoned AC system.

Benefits of a Zoned AC System

Increased Energy Efficiency: A zoned AC system directs air away only into the area that requires it, resulting is less energy loss to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Zoning is more efficient, as dampers can ensure a better seal than merely shutting the air vents in every room.

Customized Levels of Comfort: With this system, you can solve the battle over the thermostat in your home. Zoned HVAC systems eliminate these issues by letting homeowners regulate the temperatures for each part of the home.

Temperature Uniformity: A zoned AC system can compensate for the adverse effects of cold and hot spots in the house. This system provides zone-based cooling, so cold locations will not lose heat due to heated locations nearby.

A Zoned AC system in a modern home can adjust room temperatures from a central location while saving energy. Any home with ductwork can benefit from a zoned AC system installed by ProClimate, HVAC Specialists in the Greater Toronto Area. This system offers you more precise temperature control and comfortable spaces in each area of your home. Contact us today to inquire about air conditioner installation in the Greater Toronto Area, and surrounding regions. 

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