What Causes an AC Unit To Freeze Up?

It's not uncommon for air conditioning systems to freeze up and prompt a home or business owner to seek AC repair in the Greater Toronto Area. In this scenario, you must seek emergency HVAC services to fix the issue immediately. To prevent the extra expenses, follow our tips to stop ice from forming inside of your AC unit.

What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?
Believe it or not, the most common cause of this problem is dirt. In a poorly maintained unit, debris from dust, actual dirt and other sources builds up on the evaporator coils, which prevents heat transfer and allows moisture to form in the unit and freeze from the refrigerant inside of the coils. Low airflow with or without debris caused by a bad fan or vent blockage can also prevent heat transfer and create condensation on the coils. Additionally, a refrigerant leak in the coils can cause this problem because of an initial freeze that occurs as refrigerant levels drop.

What to Do If Your AC Is Frozen?
If your AC is frozen, you can't do much initially except allow the unit to defrost. Turn your system's fan setting to ON so that it continuously pulls warm air through the system and turns off the cooling function. The defrost process can take several hours. While you wait, schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor from Pro Climate in the Greater Toronto Area. If the fan doesn't appear to be working, turn off the entire system, call, and wait.

Things to Avoid to Make Sure Your AC Doesn't Freeze Up
Before global temperature increases in the last several years, most people could enjoy optimal AC efficiency by hiring a professional to inspect and clean their units once a year before summer. These days, you need to invest in at least bi-annual inspections and maintenance. Also, avoid waiting to replace the air filter. Follow the replacement guidelines for your specific system.

AC Repair in the Greater Toronto Area
Our team at Pro Climate offers a wide range of HVAC services in the GTA, including AC inspection and repair and 24-hour emergency repair services. For more information or to schedule an inspection, contact us today.

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