Top Questions New Homeowners Should Ask A Potential HVAC Contractor

By taking the time to make sure you are clear about each service, your home is likely to be in much better shape for years to come. The following are the top questions new homeowners should ask a potential HVAC contractor before choosing an HVAC company in the Greater Toronto Area.

What Is The HVAC Contractor's Credentials? 
When dealing with an HVAC services in the Greater Toronto Area, always ask what kind of service record they have maintained throughout the years; you want to make sure that your HVAC contractor in Toronto knows what they are doing and can provide top-notch customer service.

What Are The Requirements For Maintaining The Unit Safely?
The HVAC technician should be able to explain to you how often your system should be maintained and cleaned. Additionally, the technician should be able to have excellent knowledge about any heating and cooling system.

What Is The Company's Warranty? 
Ask what kind of additional coverage your company can provide; this is especially important if you have a system that is difficult to maintain. Having the extra protection for repairs and replacement can save you a lot of money and time.

What Kind Of Warranty Do You Have On The Job?
Asking about the warranty of the job is essential because it can help you know what options are available for any repairs that might be needed in the future. A warranty can be one year or a lifetime, so new homeowners should be of great importance.

What Are The Replacement Options?
If there is a need to replace the system you should understand what solutions the HVAC contractor can provide.

How Is The Customer Service?
Understand the HVAC contractor's commitment to customer satisfaction. Not only will this show that they are serious about customer care, but it can also help save you money and time in case of any issues.

New homeowners should always ask what kind of warranties or guarantees the HVAC contractor offers, especially if they have trouble maintaining their system correctly. A company that provides regular maintenance is also more likely to provide top-notch customer service for its customers, which can be beneficial in the long run. Looking for an HVAC contractor in the Greater Toronto Area? Call our team at Pro Climate for heating and cooling solutions across the Greater Toronto Area. 

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