Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to be Replaced

In the summertime, a fully functioning air conditioner is critical to the continual comfort and safety of the entire family. In fact, even a small air conditioner repair in the Greater Toronto Area in the middle of summer can halt your comfort. So, it is very important that everyone in your household pays close attention to the signs that tell you when your air conditioner needs to be replaced. Here are 4 signs that give you a head start.

1. Air Conditioner Unit Makes Loud Noises
If you turn your air conditioner on in the middle of the afternoon to cool down your home and you hear unsettling noises like squealing, scraping, and loud grinding this may be a sign your air conditioner is experiencing problems. Based on this description, more than likely, you are listening to the A/C belt moving out of place. To prevent expensive damage to its parts, it is very important that you call Pro Climate, air conditioner repair services in the Greater Toronto Area, as soon as possible.

2. Blows Out Bad Smell When A/C is Turned On
When someone in the household complains about musty smells or burnt wire radiating from your A/C unit, this is another issue that needs to be addressed right away. An HVAC technician can diagnose these situations to identify air conditioner problems that normally come from mold located in the ductwork or wires that are burnt out. Schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician from Pro Climate, located in the Greater Toronto Area. 

3. Frequent A/C Problems that Reoccur
It is not uncommon for more than one air conditioner repair problem to affect the normal operation of your unit. You may have problems with your unit blowing hot air and other issues that affect the normal operations of the electrical components. Whatever the issue may be, you need to know that several different problems within a short span of time may simply indicate that it is time to replace the unit.

4. Water or Freon Leaks Around A/C Unit
Another possible reason to replace your old air conditioner with a new unit is identifying water or freon leaks on the floor. To address quickly this issue without delay, you will need to schedule an appointment with a technician from Pro Climate, located in the Greater Toronto Area, to inspect the problem and guide you with a solution. Contact us today.

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