Should I Set My AC Fan to Auto or On?

With the high expectation of additional hot days this year outside of the summer season, home and business owners need to invest in HVAC services Toronto to prevent serious air conditioner emergencies. An experienced HVAC professional inspects the entire system and provides cleaning and other services that guarantee that your system runs optimally every time you use it. In between professional appointments, it's important that you understand how to get the most out of your AC and protect it against breakdown events. One way to do this is by improving your knowledge about the ON and AUTO settings:

Your air conditioner's fan runs constantly or only as needed dependent on room temperature and humidity changes. Your thermostat has manual button or touchscreen settings that allow you to control the fan. The ON setting leaves the fan turned on throughout the day or night. Air flows through the system even when the AC isn't cooling the room. The AUTO setting turns the fan on during cooling cycles and off when the room temperature reaches your preset selection.

Pros and Cons of Each Setting
The ON setting does a great job of distributing air to all areas of the structure. It also maintains air quality well in a filtered system. Yet, continuous use increases wear and tear on parts, which means that you might need to replace them more often with the help of an experienced HVAC contractor than if you used the AUTO setting. You must also replace the filter at a higher rate than normal. Lastly, you pay higher electricity bills.

The AUTO setting is more energy efficient than ON because the fan only runs when necessary, which also helps reduce overall wear and tear and protect parts. AUTO reduces humidity via cooling processes. You can also expect to pay less over time to maintain and use your system. That said, starting and stopping the fan repeatedly does damage it in time. Additionally, air isn't distributed as well as with the ON setting.

HVAC Services Toronto
At Pro Climate, our HVAC contractors are proud to offer high quality services to our AC maintenance home and business clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Beyond our standard HVAC services in Toronto, which also include new unit installation and 24-hour emergency services, we offer guides like this one to help you keep your HVAC system in top working order throughout the year. For more information, schedule an appointment to discuss your air conditioning system today.

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