Recommended Thermostat Settings for Your Home

Living in a place with seasons means constant thermostat setting changes. Aside from personal comfort, there are other factors to consider when choosing the ideal thermostat settings.

Summer Season
For optimal efficiency and energy saving costs, it is recommended to set your thermostat between 24 and 25 degrees Celsius while cooling your home during the summer season. For additional cost savings, the thermostat can be set between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Winter Time
When heating your home in the winter time, the recommended settings for a comfortable environment are between 18 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat
Rather than constantly needing to manually adjust your thermostat settings, consider investing in a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat offers several benefits, such as convenience, increased efficiency, and cut costs. Your thermostat settings will automatically adjust based on your personal settings, such as season, home occupation, and if you choose a smart thermostat you have the option of controlling your thermostat from anywhere in the world through wifi.

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