Why Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?
There are several reasons why your air conditioner may suddenly begin blowing warm or hot air. The unit is malfunctioning because it is unable to efficiently move the air flow through the system. This is a common indicator that it's time to call our team for AC repair in the Greater Toronto Area. Until you determine the underlying issue, your air conditioner will continue to underperform.Causes... Read more
How to Deal with High Home Humidity
Experts recommend maintaining indoor humidity at 30% to 60% to not cause any damage in your home. Fortunately, there are solutions to humidity problems that you can use to minimize the excess humidity generated by various activities around the house, including cooking, cleaning, showering, and even breathing.High Home Humidity SolutionsFirst, ensure your home is well ventilated by getting an air... Read more
Summer HVAC Tips
The hot summer heat calls for your AC running all season long. With constant heat warnings, and unpredictable weather changes, we have some tips to ensure your HVAC system is running smoothly all summer long.Eliminate Unwanted DebrisYour outdoor AC unit will inevitably collect debris over time. Choosing to leave this debris on the unit will eventually affect your system’s functionality. Clean... Read more
The Importance of Indoor Houseplants and Air Quality
What is Indoor Air Quality and Why is Good Air Quality Important?Indoor air quality is the level of purity that is found in the air within a building. Indoor air is more likely to be polluted by contaminants like dust and dirt particles than outdoor air. A confined area tends to harbor dirt and particles that remain trapped by doors and windows. Good air quality is necessary to prevent health... Read more
Ideal Home Humidity Level in The Summer
Humidity measures the level of water vapours in the air - in other words, the amount of moisture present.During the hottest months of the year, humidity levels should fall somewhere between 30 and 45 percent. Winter or the colder months normally will have lower humidity levels closer to 40 percent, to avoid moisture accumulation on your windows. Put more succinctly, humidity levels are essential... Read more
5 Tips to Help You Save on Your AC Bill This Summer
The season of cooling has begun. When the summer temperatures get too hot, it's nice to have a space to cool down. Using your air conditioner all summer long doesn't have to be extremely costly. Follow these tips to save on your AC bill this summer.1. Proactively Manage Your UsageAn automatic thermostat is a small investment that will reap you big rewards. Smart thermostats provide reliability... Read more
What is a Zoned AC System?
A zoned air conditioning system, or zoned AC system, is cooling system that controls and directs air to particular home areas. The main goal of a zoned AC system is to control temperature in the home by creating different zones for comfort and efficiency. Homeowner occupants who have different temperature preferences will have great results with a zoned AC system. The systems enable the... Read more
Simple Tips for Pet Owners to Improve Their Indoor Air Quality
Many people around the world own different kinds of pets, cats and dogs being the most common household pets universally. Having a lot of furry animals in the house gradually leads to dander, which can affect the air quality in your home and could also affect your health or that of your family. However, most pet owners are not aware of this. If you are a pet owner living in the Greater Toronto... Read more
Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to be Replaced
In the summertime, a fully functioning air conditioner is critical to the continual comfort and safety of the entire family. In fact, even a small air conditioner repair in the Greater Toronto Area in the middle of summer can halt your comfort. So, it is very important that everyone in your household pays close attention to the signs that tell you when your air conditioner needs to be replaced.... Read more

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