Ductless System Maintenance
What is a Ductless System?A ductless air conditioning unit is just that, a system that doesn't have ducts running through the attic or walls of a building. Although the ductless air conditioning unit will produce cold air in the same way a traditional AC is controlled from one single unit blowing cold air through a series of ducts. With a ductless unit, the air is delivered from a single unit per... Read more
Should I Set My AC Fan to Auto or On?
With the high expectation of additional hot days this year outside of the summer season, home and business owners need to invest in HVAC services Toronto to prevent serious air conditioner emergencies. An experienced HVAC professional inspects the entire system and provides cleaning and other services that guarantee that your system runs optimally every time you use it. In between professional... Read more
What Causes an AC Unit To Freeze Up?
It's not uncommon for air conditioning systems to freeze up and prompt a home or business owner to seek AC repair in the Greater Toronto Area. In this scenario, you must seek emergency HVAC services to fix the issue immediately. To prevent the extra expenses, follow our tips to stop ice from forming inside of your AC unit.What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?Believe it or not, the most... Read more
How Long Do Central AC Units Last?
An air conditioner (AC) is a resource with many components, and it often requires maintenance services to be in good working order. However, realizing the time when it needs replacement is not often easy for most property owners. You have to be aware of a few important things and details about your AC. Fortunately, at Pro Climate we provide air conditioner installation services in the Greater... Read more
My AC is Leaking Water! What Should I Do?
A central air conditioner can begin to leak water due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes you can fix these problems on your own, or you may need to reach out to an HVAC contractor offering AC repair in the Greater Toronto Area. Keeping a few things in mind can help you determine the cause of the problem. Here are a few of the most common reasons for air conditioner leaks.Dirty Air FilterA dirty... Read more
Air Cleaners: Are They Worth It?
Air cleaners. There are many on the market in myriad shapes and sizes. They are marketed to improve health and wellness, but are they really worth your hard-earned cash?What is an Air Cleaner?You have probably seen pictures of air pollution, or maybe even witnessed it for yourself in big cities. It's pretty obvious. You can actually see the dark haze of dust, dirt, and grime casting its doom, but... Read more
How Extremely Hot Days Affect Your Air Conditioner
Extreme heat can make anyone feel drained. Our air conditioners get put through a workout on the hottest days of the year, making their performance notably less efficient. Understand how heat waves affect your air conditioner so that you can prepare ahead of time when you need your AC the most.Excessive Heat and Humidity Push Your AC HarderAir conditioners move hot air from the inside to the... Read more
The Ideal Summer Home Temperature
Having a problem finding out the correct home temperature? In Toronto you may see temperatures reach up to 35°C. It is recommended that the best temperature to keep you home at is 25°C degrees during the summer months. Pro Climate, heating and cooling solutions in Toronto will help you set your thermostat so you can continue to live happily and comfortably.Energy SavingsWhy this temperate?... Read more
Common Air Conditioning Problems To Be Aware Of
Most people have experienced the occasional problem with their air conditioning system, and they are often not aware of the common problems that can arise. This includes some of the most common AC problems, such as getting your AC to work or how to use it to cool a small room.How to Get Your AC Unit to Work AgainThere are many reasons your AC unit may not be working properly. Some of the most... Read more

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