5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Stops and Starts
When you first start noticing that your furnace is not heating your home as well as it used to, there are a few things you need to look for before calling in a professional. One of the most common reasons why furnaces stop and start is blockage caused by dust and debris. This can be easily fixed by running an air filter or vacuum cleaner through the blower compartment on the outside of your... Read more
Why Should You Choose Tankless Water Heater?
Tankless water heaters are environmentally-friendly and suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They eliminate the need for storage tanks, which can cause damage to the environment. The heat source is designed to be durable and resistant to corrosion.What is a Tankless Water Heater?A tankless water heater is a system that uses an on-demand hot water heater, rather than... Read more
Ideal Home Temperature During The Cooler Seasons
As winter fast approaches, Canadian homeowners are seeking maintenance and HVAC services. If you own a properly functioning HVAC system, you are probably delighted with the warmth it offers you inside your home. Not to burst your bubble, but as you heat your home, are you watching out for the potential energy bills?Typically, most homeowners set high temperatures to keep their homes warm for... Read more
Furnace Won't Turn Off? 3 Possible Reasons
It can be a pretty concerning feeling when your furnace refuses to shut off, despite your home being plenty warm already. A furnace that keeps running might have you scrambling and calling for furnace services in Toronto. Though it can be alarming, there's usually a simple cause and solution for your problem. Read on and learn three possible causes of a furnace that won't stop running.Thermostat... Read more
Safety Tips For Your Furnace Room
Do you have a furnace in your GTA home? Do you know that there are certain safety measures you should take to keep your home and family safe? Follow these safety tips to keep your furnace room safe and running smoothly. In this post, we will discuss the safety tips for your furnace room and their importance.1. Consider getting a carbon monoxide alarmA carbon monoxide alarm is an important safety... Read more
Common Repairs Your Furnace Needs
Your furnace is one of the most important HVAC systems in your home. There are various companies specializing in furnace maintenance for those residing in Toronto and its surroundings. One of the leading companies is Pro Climate Heating and Cooling in the Greater Toronto Area. Our technicians are trained for furnaces including gas furnace installation, condensing units, air conditioners as well... Read more
Can I Replace My Furnace Without Replacing My AC?
Sometimes AC service in the Greater Toronto Area is not sufficient if the components are old or malfunctioning frequently. A frequent question is whether you can replace the furnace but leave the AC intact.Why Replace a Furnace Without Replacing The AC?You can do a furnace installation in the Greater Toronto Area and leave the AC intact. HVAC system heating and cooling units function separately.... Read more
Top Questions New Homeowners Should Ask A Potential HVAC Contractor
By taking the time to make sure you are clear about each service, your home is likely to be in much better shape for years to come. The following are the top questions new homeowners should ask a potential HVAC contractor before choosing an HVAC company in the Greater Toronto Area.What Is The HVAC Contractor's Credentials? When dealing with an HVAC services in the Greater Toronto Area,... Read more
When Is It Time to Change Your HVAC Filter?
When Is It Time to Change Your HVAC Filter?While the average lifespan of a filter may vary for a variety of reasons from owning pets to the size of the home, here are a few ways to tell it's time to change your HVAC filter. If your HVAC system is malfunctioning, there are clear signs of damage in or on the equipment, or if your monthly bill is higher due to the HVAC working harder to function... Read more

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