How to Deal with High Home Humidity

Experts recommend maintaining indoor humidity at 30% to 60% to not cause any damage in your home. Fortunately, there are solutions to humidity problems that you can use to minimize the excess humidity generated by various activities around the house, including cooking, cleaning, showering, and even breathing.

High Home Humidity Solutions
First, ensure your home is well ventilated by getting an air conditioner installed. This is especially important for rooms that tend to generate plenty of moisture, like the bathroom and kitchen. Additionally, assure you have a ventilation hood installed in your kitchen. Secondly, you can schedule an appointment with Pro Climate, HVAC solutions in the Greater Toronto Area, to install a whole-house humidifier which will effectively help to control the moisture around the house. Lastly, installing indoor air quality monitors like humidity sensors will also help you monitor and maintain the air quality in your home.

Consequences of High Humidity Levels in the HomeHigh humidity will damage your home’s paintwork and wallpaper. If not properly controlled, humidity tends to gather on your home’s walls causing wallpaper to peel off and your paint to flake off. High humidity will also damage your wooden furnishings and hardwood floors. When the damp air settles on wood over long periods, it causes decay.

Excessive humidity will also cause cracks on your walls, which will eventually lead to costly repairs. Excess moisture can find its way into building materials of the home’s foundation, consequently affecting its structure. Mold and mildew also form on several surfaces, which become damp when the air is extremely humid. Mold brings about health issues like asthma and destroy carpets, books, furniture, and any other surface they grow on.

HVAC Systems That Help with Maintaining Humidity Levels
Whole House Dehumidifiers top the list of the most efficient humidity control systems available as they efficiently reduce the humidity levels in the house.By controlling humidity levels, these systems help prevent mold formation, asthma, and allergies.

HVAC systems help improve your home and your health. Assure the humidity levels in your home are up to standards. If you are concerned about high home humidity, our experts at Pro Climate, HVAC solutions in the Greater Toronto Area, can be of help. Contact us today to speak with our specialists. 

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