How Long Do Central AC Units Last?

An air conditioner (AC) is a resource with many components, and it often requires maintenance services to be in good working order. However, realizing the time when it needs replacement is not often easy for most property owners. You have to be aware of a few important things and details about your AC. Fortunately, at Pro Climate we provide air conditioner installation services in the Greater Toronto Area. Here is some helpful information to help you:

When Should You Perform AC Replacement?
You will know its time to replace your AC when you notice the following signs:

•The AC has aged. Many of your AC's components may become frail when the system nears the end of its lifespan. 
•It's prone to damage. If you have to call your AC repair service more frequently than in the past, realize your system may be better off replaced.
•Recommendation from an HVAC expert. Your HVAC contractor should have the technical know-how to evaluate your air conditioner. If you're being advised to replace your system, it's best to do so. 

Determinants of An AC’s Average Lifespan
The average lifespan of a central AC ranges between 10 to 15 years. Various factors can determine where your AC falls in between such a lifespan range. These include factors such as the brand maker, frequency of use, quality of maintenance, and various other reasons.

Benefits of Replacing Your Air Conditioner
The benefits of replacing your AC are many and can include:

•You will enjoy improved air quality. An old AC is prone to damage and can compromise the air quality in your property. Investing in a new air conditioner means top of line performance.
•A new AC is more efficient. Old air conditioner's often have inefficient components which will likely consume more power than before.

If you've noticed strange behaviour from your AC unit, schedule an appointment with our team at Pro Climate, heating and cooling solutions in the Greater Toronto Area. Call us today.

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