Examining a Furnace That Is Making a Knocking Sound

How Our Technicians Can Repair a Furnace
If a furnace is making unusual noises, an experienced technician can inspect the main bearings, the furnace's belt, and the filter. The expert will also evaluate the burner, and sometimes, a malfunctioning burner could cause vibrations, reduce the efficiency of the furnace and affect the indoor air. Moreover, the technician may replace the gas valve. This component can modulate the flow of fuel, yet a malfunctioning valve could cause unusual sounds, increase energy costs and affect multiple sensors.

Evaluating the Belt and Inspecting the Furnace
The furnace contains a belt that is connected to the motor, and when the furnace is operating, the belt can consistently transfer the rotational force. The durable belt is also attached to the blower. This component could improve the flow of air within the furnace, yet if the belt malfunctions, these parts may affect the pulleys, the blower, and the motor of the furnace. Once you contact our business, an experienced technician can inspect the belt, and the expert could replace the belt, evaluate the other components and test the furnace.

Replacing the Filter
Many furnaces contain dirty filters that could reduce the flow of air, and the old filters may also increase energy costs. If the furnace has a dirty filter, unusual sounds could emanate from the furnace. The homeowner may also notice an odor that could permeate the air ducts.

Examining the Burner and the Bearings
The furnace features a burner that can improve the efficiency of the system, and the burner will consistently heat the air. The device also contains multiple bearings that can allow the fan to operate. If the bearings malfunction, the fan could make unusual noises, and the damaged bearings may affect the speed of the fan. Once an expert inspects the furnace, the specialist can test the burner, the bearings, and the fan. Subsequently, the technician might replace multiple components, or the expert may install a new furnace that could reduce energy costs.

Pro Climate in Greater Toronto Area can repair many types of furnaces, and after you contact our company, the experienced technicians could inspect the furnace, replace multiple components, or complete routine maintenance. While you browse our website, you may examine our blog, numerous services and types of repairs, and custom solutions. Additionally, you can call us to request a furnace repair, our representatives can schedule an appointment, answer your questions and provide an estimate.

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