Can I Replace My Furnace Without Replacing My AC?

Sometimes AC service in the Greater Toronto Area is not sufficient if the components are old or malfunctioning frequently. A frequent question is whether you can replace the furnace but leave the AC intact.

Why Replace a Furnace Without Replacing The AC?
You can do a furnace installation in the Greater Toronto Area and leave the AC intact. HVAC system heating and cooling units function separately. You can replace one, and it will not affect the other. There is no need to replace an AC together with a furnace if it is performing optimally. Replacing a wearing furnace alone saves your money.

Why You Could Replace Your Furnace With Your AC
If both your furnace and AC are nearing the end of their lifespans or both experiencing major issue, it may be best to replace them both. Replacing both your furnace and AC at the same time means only one HVAC appointment instead of multiple. Additionally, upgraded systems allow for better efficiency ratings and lower energy bills. 

The Technicalities of a Furnace and AC Installation
A furnace heats your home during cold seasons typically with natural gas in a burner. The heat warms incoming air and forces it into ductwork using a blower for distribution throughout the home. An air conditioner (AC) draws out hot air from inside a home by turning refrigerant vapour into a liquid and removing any heat during the process. The cool air finds its way back to the house through ductwork. Both systems will wear with time, however to keep them well intact we recommend annual maintenance which can be scheduled with our team at Pro Climate Heating and Cooling solutions in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Your furnace and air conditioner are important elements in heating and cooling your home. Schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor from our team at Pro Climate for any HVAC maintenance service, repairs, or replacements. Contact us today!

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