Are Rooftop Units The Good Choice For Your Business?

Rooftops are the ledges that eave over a building's roof that are accessible from the outside. They provide a place for employees and guests to relax and enjoy views of the surrounding area before going back inside. They often have lovely ideas, but they are also prime locations for vandalism and theft. When installing equipment on your roof, you will have to factor in extra space under your roof and additional labor cost for construction workers.

How rooftops works
Rooftop units work by drawing in the heat from the thermal mass, like water or concrete, that is exposed to outside temperatures and releasing it inside to cool off the surrounding area. They look like boxes on your roof, often made of metal or plastic.

Types of Roof Top Units
While all rooftop units will be effective at cooling, there are slight differences between them that you should know before purchasing a specific team. The two most common rooftop units are the ground-source heat pump and the air-source heat pump.

The Ground-Source Heat Pump uses a combination of water and a liquid mineral called glycol to absorb heat from the ground or concrete, then use it to provide cool air for your building. The Air-Source Heat Pump uses specially heated airflow to transfer heat from outside through coils inside the unit that heats up, then let the extra heat go out through coils at the top of your building. The best choice will depend on how much heat you can get from the surrounding environment.

Uses for Rooftop Units
Rooftop units are best for single cooling rooms or tiny areas such as bathrooms, offices, and server rooms. If you need to cool more extensive places, you will be better off using central air or refrigerated water systems to cool the entire building. They work best in hot climates that have higher temperatures outside year-round.

Rooftop units are best for mounting on a flat or pitched roof. If you have a small ledge going down the face of your building, then you can mount the rooftop unit there instead. If you have an older building with a flat roof, you will need to install a new roof to support a rooftop unit. The installation of these rooftop units can be complicated and dangerous if not handled by professionals. Professionals should take rooftop units in Toronto. Pro Climate Heating and Cooling have years of experience in installing and maintaining rooftop units.

Rooftop units are an easy and effective way to cool your building. They are the most common type of rooftop unit, but they can be expensive to install. If you have a tiny area to cool, you might need a ground-source heat pump rooftop unit. If you have a flat or pitched roof, you will want an air-source heat pump rooftop unit. We offer both types of rooftop units for your Toronto business at great prices with outstanding service and maintenance guarantees. Contact us today to get a professional consultation!

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